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As a speaker, Derek J. Murphy thrives as an effective and gifted communicator. While he is a pastor/teacher, he is far from limited to church and Christian/faith-based events; but could serve as a valuable voice in a variety of venues.

Church Special Occasions and Annual Days

As a preacher of the Gospel, Pastor Derek J. Murphy is able to share a timely Word for any occasion: anniversaries, appreciations, youth days, men’s days, friends/family days and ministry department days. Though he doesn’t consider an “occasional” preacher, he hears from God and shares a message that benefits the church or ministry.


Derek J. Murphy is an ideal fit your Youth Conference, Men’s Conference, Marriage/Relationship Conference (along with his wife, Angela Pickett-Murphy), or Leadership Conference.


With a gift for teaching, Derek J. Murphy presents interactive workshops and talks that deal with character and respect for students, gifts and goal setting for students and leaders, and teamwork for groups and leaders.

Panel Discussions and Conversations

With a diverse body of knowledge, Derek J. Murphy is suited for panel discussions, conversations, and interviews on many topics, such as (but not limited to), ministry, youth culture, men issues, marriage and family.


If you need a host, or emcee for your event, Derek J. Murphy is a great personality for your special church, concert, or civic events.



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