Last week the black church world was in yet another uproar due to Facebook Live. In this installment, infamous gospel, Leandria Johnson goes on a smoke filled rant that included some content worthy of a Parental Advisement sticker. She goes in on the ecclesiastical establishment about hypocrisy, elitism, and the damage it causes people; punctuating her complaints with strong stiff “f*** you” to the church. (more…)

Whenever bad things happen, or relationships end, people go on the hunt for closure. Closure is the sense of resolution at the end of something, that brings a conclusion after an emotional or traumatic event. Tons of doctors and tv shows make their living on trying to bring closure to the people who need it. But trying to find closure, in many ways, can be like chasing mermaids and unicorns. I’m not saying that closure doesn’t exist, it just may not come the way most people expect it.¬† (more…)

Hey relax! Sit back and chill. Let’s take a second to really assess¬†how you feel. I’ve been there too. Having my blood boiling, blood pressure elevated, tense and uptight; all because I saw that person that did that thing to me that time, and never forgot it. We’ve all done it … holding a grudge.