Today is a special day for the Murphy Family; IT’S WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY! God has given us the privilege to raise a child dealing with this disorder, and he is such a blessing to everyone he meets. Having him has made us aware of the need for support and understanding, not only for those with special needs, but us all. Because being different is not bad, it’s just different. (more…)

(If I had been thinking I would have taken a picture, but listen to this …)

Nicolas visited the dentist yesterday. As it turns out he has two cavities, even though we encourage good oral hygiene. Nicolas, like most little boys, doesn’t really enjoy the process of being healthy. You remember crying when mom said to you, “Make sure you brush your teeth before you go to bed!” We all were the same, we didn’t want to be bothered either. (more…)

Nicolas is an amazing child, fearfully and wonderfully. It has been remarkable watching God work in him to fulfill a great purpose. Having autism is almost a non-issue now, because we watch him overcome challenges all the time. It is evident that it is all because of God’s promises spoken over his life. (more…)

I had to preach that Sunday morning, as a guest minister at another church. Not only that, but the district meeting was beginning later that evening (those who are or have ever been COGIC know what I’m talking about).  We had a full day of ministry, but my wife wakes up to contractions.

Without telling the whole story, God had already promised us that he would always take care of this first-born child. However, I was really nervous when his heart rate dropped during delivery. God kept His promise and here he was, my beautiful baby boy. (more…)