So today is January 15, 2015. Four years ago today, I put my hands to the keyboard and wrote these words: Hello World! (more…)

Today, Rewriting Murphy’s Law celebrates TWO YEARS!! It is almost unbelievable how God has taken a simple voice and carried it literally around the world. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spread this positive message of hope and encouragement.

I would like to thank every person that has subscribed to this blog. I am truly humbled that you have given me platform to minister to you regularly, and I don’t take it lightly. I know many of you personally and some I don’t, but again, I’m grateful. (more…)

Today Rewriting Murphy’s Law turns one year old! After twelve months of sharing, God has allowed me to speak into the lives of thousands of people’s lives all over the world. We’ve discussed everything from faith to relationships to creativity. I just want to take this time to thank you for being a friend. To all those that frequent this blog, I thank you. (more…)

Hey RML Fam, check out Fulfilling Purpose, the new blog by my wife, Angela Pickett-Murphy. She has a passion for serving people and building the Kingdom of God, and I’m sure you will be blessed by her words.

“Life is not always easy, but it’s better when you know your purpose.” – Angela Pickett-Murphy

I am all about building people. One thing that I have learned, is that a side effect of teaching others about God and the good news of Jesus is self exposure. I have learned a lot about myself in the past few weeks. Things that I’m not proud of, but are real and present in my life. These things are discovered when you get to know how God loves and relates to us. So being the pastor/teacher that I am, I want to share some Biblical truths about relationships. (more…)

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– Murph

I have discovered that the world of blogging is placed at the crossroads of free speech and fifteen minutes of fame. People are able to say what’s on their minds and broadcast it to the world. Imagine that! I could scream, “Hello World!”, so loud that the entire planet could forever hear it echoed in their ears.

This is not a new concept. God told us that “life and death is in the power of” the things we say (Proverbs 18:21a). So this is my moment to speak to the world … but I don’t feel powerful at all. Honestly? I am humbled at the fact that people may actually listen. So … “HELLO WORLD!!”