Yes, I’m serious! What if dying was no longer an issue? Wouldn’t you approach life differently?

There are a lot of people reading this, who’s normal pursuit of life is less than exciting. Leading safe, predictable lives some people don’t want to pursue an adventure; even though their heart longs for one. This kind of approach often leads to a life of regret. (more…)

Pastor and church culture analyst, D.K. Hammonds wrote that Good Friday represents someone being “committed to a cause when others are not”. Jesus was so committed to you that He endured the most gruesome and horrible death known to man in that day. He saw something in you, YES YOU, that He had to make the ultimate sacrifice.


The apex of Jesus’ earthly ministry (before the cross) was raising Lazarus from the dead. (John 11) While He had performed countless spectacular miracles, the resurrection of Lazarus demonstrates His complete power over any situation. Death does NOT deter Jesus. (more…)

“I hurt my self today to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real”  – from the song Hurt written by Trent Reznor

I went with my wife to a funeral of one of her classmates. While the death of a friend or loved one is somber, the sadness was a lot more pronounced. The young lady had committed suicide. Whatever opinions you may have of this cause of death, the reality is that over 36000 people choose to end their life every year in this country. (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) It may seem easy to shrug off, but its not, so much, when it is someone you know.

The preacher said today, that many were probably angry because they feel like what the young lady did was wrong. But he said that was her uresponsibility to bear. Other were confused and distraught, trying to figure out where we (her friends and family) might have done wrong or could have done to change the outcome. Regardless of the emotion, at least we are feeling something.

I believe where we fail is that too many of us become numb to the pains of life. Numbness happens either when pain is repeated so often that its just not felt anymore; or the pain is so dramatic that the body is shocked. People are hurting all around us. Its not good when we sit high on our horses and look down our noses at people who are dealing with issues. We say things like, “get over it” and “everybody has problems.”


Friends, if we don’t empathize with those among us that are hurting, then I understand why someone wouldn’t want to continue living. Who wants to hurt alone, in a world of happy people? My advice, if its worth anything is, to feel. Pain hurts in whatever form it comes. Pain is real regardless of the circumstance. Find a way to make sure the people you love know it, and feel your affection. Protect them emotionally and spiritually. Don’t become numb. Sharing that feeling with some one is invaluable, because when people are tired of the pain, they will do desperate things to make it stop.

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