Earlier today, my wife came into my classroom, to talk to me, and she lets me know there is a little crust in my eye. I tried to get it, but she said I made it look worse. So I stood up to let her get it, and when she was done, I tried sit back down at my desk, and completely missed the chair. Now, I’m on the floor! Thank goodness none of my students saw me, and even though she laughed at me, she dusted me off and made sure I was okay. (more…)

A couple of months ago, the hard drive on my computer crashed. It happens. Either I bumped it too hard, or a program corrupted it, or perhaps it just wore out. I’m not really sure why, but it crashed. So I take in to be fixed, and the technician informs me that with installing a new hard drive, I may lose some information. I wouldn’t lose EVERYTHING, but there were a couple of very important things, that may no longer be there. He said, they would save as much as they could, but the computer would basically have to be reset, to its original settings. So even all the things that I did to personalize my home screen and menus would be all gone. In other words, I was able to save the computer, and have it, but it just wouldn’t be the same.


Fourteen years ago, my bride and I stood at the altar of St. James Baptist Church and exchanged vows to love, honor, respect and care for each other, no matter our circumstance. We were instructed that marriage was a sacred thing that should not be entered into lightly, but we should really know the weight of our words. At the wedding, if no one else does, the bride and groom are optimistic. All we knew in that moment was that we loved each other, and that we made each other happy; so we said “I do”.  But, just like many other couples before us, and certainly those after us, we really had no idea what we were saying “I do” to. (more…)

February 6th was a typical busy day for us. We were out late and my phone died, so as soon as we hit the door, I put my phone on its charger. It was about a quarter to midnight. It takes my phone a few minutes to boot back up after a flat line, so I did a few things around the house to shut it down for the night and made it back to my room about 12:05, to see that I had a few missed calls, voice mails and text messages. My heart dropped because they were all from the same person; my niece. See, she’s away at college and I was thinking she had an accident or she was in trouble, either way I knew something was wrong.

God’s favor isn’t just reflected in my net worth, or the car I drive, or the neighborhood I live in. For far too long, we have equated the favor of God, with the ease of living. When the lead apostle, Paul, found himself with a painful circumstance in his life, for which He prayed to God continuously to remove. God finally responds that “my grace (unmerited favor) is all you need.” (2 Corinthians 12:9, New Living Translation)

In other words, the favor of God is not always obviously seen. Here are 5 unconventional examples of the favor of God on my life. (more…)

Team Murphy has been blessed with some great kids. We have 3 stair-stepped, and they are an absolute joy to have. Each has their own personalities, that makes them individually amazing in their own right. Our oldest son is popular, talented, hard-working and quite handsome. Our daughter is smart, articulate, beautiful and quite the fashionista. The youngest son is athletic, witty, quick on his feet and extremely well read. I love my kids because they are all very mannerable and (this is very important) know how to act in public. But as good as my three are, they are far from perfect. (more…)

Today is a special day for the Murphy Family; IT’S WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY! God has given us the privilege to raise a child dealing with this disorder, and he is such a blessing to everyone he meets. Having him has made us aware of the need for support and understanding, not only for those with special needs, but us all. Because being different is not bad, it’s just different. (more…)

Thanks to Tupac Amaru Shakur, we have an entire generation of people who use this single phrase to justify their poor behavior and bad decisions: “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME.” To be sure, no one likes a judgmental person. By definition, someone who is judgmental is one who is excessively critical, offering opinions where none were asked or needed. To subjugated to the small, narrow view of one who has no flexibility to see things another way is nerve wrecking. However, there has to be some balance. (more…)


I was helping my son with his math homework and I got a little frustrated. My son is autistic and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get him to explain some of his work, and I could tell he was frustrated too. He was struggling to figure out what was being asked of him. But somehow, something clicked and he was able to figure most of it out on his own, and that that he couldn’t, I was finally able to explain in such a way that he understood.



Last week, we had visitors at our church’s Wednesday night bible study. We offer a children’s ministry, so naturally the visiting kids went to class with our kids. As it has become our custom, we asked our kids about their class, what they learned, how the kids participated. Our most candid child, DJ, proceeds to tell us that his brother, Nicolas, was “acting weird”. DJ went on to say that he requested, that Nicolas cut it out because the visitors were “looking at him funny”.