Earlier today, my wife came into my classroom, to talk to me, and she lets me know there is a little crust in my eye. I tried to get it, but she said I made it look worse. So I stood up to let her get it, and when she was done, I tried sit back down at my desk, and completely missed the chair. Now, I’m on the floor! Thank goodness none of my students saw me, and even though she laughed at me, she dusted me off and made sure I was okay. (more…)


Facing the truth is difficult, especially when it comes to looking at ourselves. There are things about me I’d like to believe, but they are just not so (and if you’re honest, you’d admit that you’re the same way). Most of us aren’t near as disciplined, generous, thoughtful, or even spiritual as we think we are. We tend to envision a much better person when we think ourselves, and that can be a very dangerous thing. (more…)

DJ received some money for his birthday and decided he wanted to be a blessing to his family. After a vigorous family workout, he suggests:

DJ: “Mama, can I buy everybody some ice cream?”

Angela: “Sure! That’s very nice of you.” (more…)

(Angela & I are on the couch discussing some business and DJ comes in …)

Angela: Hey DJ, have you ever had to fire anyone?

DJ: No ma’am. (more…)

Here is a list of 5 things I’ve learned about myself since becoming an adult. (more…)

A man stumbles upon a lamp while digging in his backyard. He rubs the lamp and as expected a genie appears.
“My name is Ali and I will grant you one wish,” says the genie. “Consider your greatest desire and I will produce it for you.” (more…)