I work with elementary school kids, first through fourth grade. At these ages kids aren’t just learning their ABC’s and 123’s, but they are also learning social behaviors and how exist outside of the world that they know: which is home. Their immaturity is evident in their behavior, which is routinely excused with these words: “they’re just little kids.”

I understand this fact, but the schoolhouse (as the old folks call it) is a place to learn what is acceptable behavior when you’re around other people.

I’ve noticed that there are certain behaviors that my first graders display in my classroom, that MANY ADULTS display online. (more…)



Last night, after church, my kids and I were riding through the city. I had discovered a new song by an artist that my kids love, so I put it on, so they could hear it. When the beat drops, my youngest son immediately goes into the familiar cadence of “hey … hey … hey”, found in a lot of today’s music, with his hands waving the air, then dropped into a full “milly rock”. He was feeling it, just like I thought he would.  (more…)

A couple of months ago, the hard drive on my computer crashed. It happens. Either I bumped it too hard, or a program corrupted it, or perhaps it just wore out. I’m not really sure why, but it crashed. So I take in to be fixed, and the technician informs me that with installing a new hard drive, I may lose some information. I wouldn’t lose EVERYTHING, but there were a couple of very important things, that may no longer be there. He said, they would save as much as they could, but the computer would basically have to be reset, to its original settings. So even all the things that I did to personalize my home screen and menus would be all gone. In other words, I was able to save the computer, and have it, but it just wouldn’t be the same.


I’ve been told all my life to never doubt God. Doubting what God can do has never been an issue for me, because I believe, and always have believed that God can do ANYTHING. Growing up with Old Testament stories of God’s miraculous power, and the New Testament examples of Jesus and the Apostles doing magnificent things caused me to understand God’s unlimited ability. My grandmother and my father always prayed the acknowledgement of God being able to do “anything but fail.” So, I never struggle with believing in what God CAN do. My struggle, like many of you, is with what God WILL do, and particularly FOR ME! (more…)

I’ve never had a pet. I don’t know how it feels to be protected by someone who isn’t human. I can remember once, when my sister closed the door on my hand, and I screamed like crazy. The moon was full, and so were my lungs. My brother came to my aid but couldn’t unlock the door. So, he held my other hand while my sister got my mom.  While I had my brother, some people have pets to protect them. (more…)

The following is a short story written by my youngest son, who at the time was a ten-year-old fourth grader. The message is encouraging, so I would like to share it with you : (more…)

If you live long enough you will see things go through what I call the cool cycle. Something is in style for a while, until the coolness of the style tips over. What was once cool is then out of style, after being taken over by the coolest and latest thing. After a while the thing that was out of style will be discovered with a fresh pair of eyes making it retro. Retro doesn’t always equal cool again, but if enough people revisit the retro style, what was cool once becomes a classic. If you are patient, everything becomes cool again. (more…)

Team Murphy has been blessed with some great kids. We have 3 stair-stepped, and they are an absolute joy to have. Each has their own personalities, that makes them individually amazing in their own right. Our oldest son is popular, talented, hard-working and quite handsome. Our daughter is smart, articulate, beautiful and quite the fashionista. The youngest son is athletic, witty, quick on his feet and extremely well read. I love my kids because they are all very mannerable and (this is very important) know how to act in public. But as good as my three are, they are far from perfect. (more…)

Today is a special day for the Murphy Family; IT’S WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY! God has given us the privilege to raise a child dealing with this disorder, and he is such a blessing to everyone he meets. Having him has made us aware of the need for support and understanding, not only for those with special needs, but us all. Because being different is not bad, it’s just different. (more…)

Those who really (and I mean really) know me, know I was a huge fan of the Muppet Babies. Growing up the extreme youngest of three, by 8 years, I spent a lot of time entertaining myself. I didn’t have the constant companionship of a slightly older sibling, nor were there a host of kids to play with in my neighborhood. So when none of my friends could come over, or I was stuck inside, I would watch hours and hours of Muppet Babies episodes. Here are 5 things I inadvertently learned from them: (more…)