It’s been said, time and again, that everything that has a beginning has an end; yet we tend to always be surprised when relationships end. Excluding death, people will end relationships for any variety of reasons. Some legitimate, others … not so much. As an introvert, I tend to be somewhat of a loner, but coming to grips with someone’s departure from your life, can difficult, no matter your predisposition. Here are 5 tips to help you through the transition of “moving on”:  (more…)

“Sure I can swim!”

Why, Lord?! Why did I lie like that? Six or seven years old, visiting a friend of my dad’s, I see a beautiful pool in the back yard. Being that it was a hot summers day, and my parents would always let me get into the pool at hotels, I thought it was perfectly fine. So unbeknownst to my parents, I was given some swim trunks and instructions to have fun; so I cannon-balled in!  (more…)

Ever since Destiny’s Child hit the air waves, instructing all the women who’re independent to throw their hands up and Lil Boosie proved he knows how to spell, independence has become a new virtue. I can’t count the number of times I hear people say that they don’t need anybody. But let me be honest, everybody needs somebody. We, as human beings, are not designed to be alone. When God created Adam, he had everything he needed (God, abundance of food, and job to do), yet God said it wasn’t good for him to be without human relationships. (more…)

I have to admit, I like cartoons, especially old school cartoons. I can remember most of my summers

Daddy Duck and Looney Tunes are property of Time Waner/Warner Brothers.
Daddy Duck and Looney Tunes are property of Time Waner/Warner Brothers.

being filled with tuna sandwiches and Looney Tunes. Every cartoon that enlists the method of slap stick comedy, has had a character foolishly mix chemicals, causing an explosion. As you’re reading this, if you’re anything like me, perhaps you are envisioning Daffy Duck blowing off beak. We all laughed at these classic scenes knowing that Daffy was going to be okay, but for many of us, we haven’t been so lucky. (more…)

People talk all the time about wanting love. They say stuff like they want to “find love”, but truth be told, love isn’t lost. We find love in the things we value.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: emotions are real. The feelings we feel are real, even if they aren’t based in reality. Loneliness is one of those types emotions that can present quite the conundrum, because you don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. (more…)