Who Are You? (The Respect Fallacy)

There is this notion that "respect must be earned." I've heard this all of my life and have pretty much always fallen in line with that thinking. However, the older I get the more I realize that this is NOT the way things should be. The english language is tricky because we tend to use … Continue reading Who Are You? (The Respect Fallacy)

Two Occasions

https://youtu.be/6vr9a46ZZ18   God is an infinite and  all powerful being. He is far too big and complex for any mind to fully understand, so it would be arrogant of anyone, including me, to say they know the mind of God. We cannot fully comprehend Him, we can only know what God has revealed.  Here is … Continue reading Two Occasions

The Art of Moving On

It's been said, time and again, that everything that has a beginning has an end; yet we tend to always be surprised when relationships end. Excluding death, people will end relationships for any variety of reasons. Some legitimate, others ... not so much. As an introvert, I tend to be somewhat of a loner, but … Continue reading The Art of Moving On

Chasing Mermaids & Unicorns

Whenever bad things happen, or relationships end, people go on the hunt for closure. Closure is the sense of resolution at the end of something, that brings a conclusion after an emotional or traumatic event. Tons of doctors and tv shows make their living on trying to bring closure to the people who need it. … Continue reading Chasing Mermaids & Unicorns

She Laughed When I Fell

Earlier today, my wife came into my classroom, to talk to me, and she lets me know there is a little crust in my eye. I tried to get it, but she said I made it look worse. So I stood up to let her get it, and when she was done, I tried sit back down … Continue reading She Laughed When I Fell

Next Lifetime

https://youtu.be/H30lTFmW8a4?t=8s   Have you ever heard the saying "too heavenly minded, that you're no earthly good"? Well clichés are cliches for a reason, because this is a true statement. One of the greatest criticisms of the Christian faith is our preoccupation with heaven and what happens after we die. This fascination is particularly prevalent in … Continue reading Next Lifetime

Passin’ Me By

https://youtu.be/QjsPG0Kspxo   I can remember as a kid in middle school, we would have the book fair. One of my favorite books to buy would be from the Where's Waldo series.  These books contained illustrations of the main character, a tall guy with a glaring red and white striped sweater, and large round specs, in … Continue reading Passin’ Me By

No Ordinary Love

https://youtu.be/_WcWHZc8s2I It really saddens me, that love has been reduced and devalued in such the way that it has. It's a word that we use so loosely, that it is no wonder that we have lost the truest sentiment of it. Love is in no wise ordinary. "Ordinary love" gives nothing, and seeks only to … Continue reading No Ordinary Love

You Are Not Rejected

Yesterday, one of my kids said to me, "Daddy, my teacher said my artwork was awful. She said it looked like a 2 year old's work." I was taken aback, seeing as though my kid is in middle school. Surly, this teacher is professional enough to know not to crush my child's spirit by insulting their … Continue reading You Are Not Rejected

If It Isn’t Love

https://youtu.be/ReI6gvzVP0Y?t=25s Yes, we live in an awful world, where people seem to be getting worse and worse. It is becoming increasingly difficult to watch the news, read the paper, or even scroll through social media without being bombarded with the darkest sides of humanity. Everywhere we turn there is murder, robbery, hate speech, and the … Continue reading If It Isn’t Love