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Twitter has announced that, effective immediately, they are expanding their character limits by two times. In other words, instead of a 140 characters limit, it has been bumped up to 280 characters. I must admit, as a content creator I LOVE this new expanded freedom! There are thoughts I want to share, but just can’t figure out the way to squeeze into 140 characters. I’m excited!  (more…)

One of the greatest “selling points” of Christianity is that it has no correlating culture. Culture, as defined by clothing, music, food, or anything that gives a group of people an identity, is virtually non-existent in the Christian faith. The culture of Christians are as various as there are nations in the world, because the faith can be practiced in any cultural context. This is why Jesus’ great commission is so relevant, because He commands us to go into all the world and make disciples. You can’t accomplish this mission with the love of Christ, by assimilating the world into “our” culture; so there HAS to be some cultural tolerance as it pertains to Christian orthodoxy, or what is accepted to be correct belief. (more…)

At over 32 million units sold, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is by far the most successful recording in history. I just want that to sink in; after 35 years, no other record has sold more than this instant classic. It is the epitome of recorded music success, but at what point do we determine that it was a successful venture or not? We are talking about the critically acclaimed work, that millions of people around the world still listen to. This is the same record that catapulted Michael Jackson in to pop music royalty. When was this work a success?  (more…)

The entire world paused to honor Muhammad Ali, this weekend, after his passing. He was undoubtedly one of THE most single influential athlete ever, and quite possibly one of the most iconic figures, in 20th century history. He was a person of such high honor, and wide-spread appeal, that everyone had something kind to say about the G.O.A.T. However, journalist, Nick Wright, made a very interesting (and in my opinion, extremely accurate) observation. He said, “If there was a 25-yr old Muhammad Ali today, (people) would hate him.”  (more…)

If you live long enough you will see things go through what I call the cool cycle. Something is in style for a while, until the coolness of the style tips over. What was once cool is then out of style, after being taken over by the coolest and latest thing. After a while the thing that was out of style will be discovered with a fresh pair of eyes making it retro. Retro doesn’t always equal cool again, but if enough people revisit the retro style, what was cool once becomes a classic. If you are patient, everything becomes cool again. (more…)

Those who really (and I mean really) know me, know I was a huge fan of the Muppet Babies. Growing up the extreme youngest of three, by 8 years, I spent a lot of time entertaining myself. I didn’t have the constant companionship of a slightly older sibling, nor were there a host of kids to play with in my neighborhood. So when none of my friends could come over, or I was stuck inside, I would watch hours and hours of Muppet Babies episodes. Here are 5 things I inadvertently learned from them: (more…)

Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, everyone is fly and fabulous all the time. Yes, I consider myself a well dressed man, myself, so by no means am I trying to be hypocritical. But there are days I just want to throw on an old t-shirt and gym shorts, and just chill out.


(My mom is probably going to kill me for this one, so pray for ya boy, LOL)

no apologiesMy mom, by her own admission, never really learned the art of traditional, southern, soul food cooking. But after graduating college and starting a career, she met a Murphy man and started having Murphy children. So along the way, she had to get creative with her cooking. She just got in there and felt her way around until she found something that works. (more…)

For those old enough to remember the early 90’s, The Arsenio Hall Show was ground breaking entertainment. It was the first time America tuned in to see a young, African-American, late night talk show host. (more…)