Passion & Purpose

I haven't completely figured out the official cutoffs, but it's generally accepted that I am a late Generation X'er. There are many things that differentiate us from other generations but I believe one of the greatest differences is that we are a passion driven generation. Before us, the Baby Boomers and the Silent Generations were … Continue reading Passion & Purpose

Next Lifetime   Have you ever heard the saying "too heavenly minded, that you're no earthly good"? Well clichés are cliches for a reason, because this is a true statement. One of the greatest criticisms of the Christian faith is our preoccupation with heaven and what happens after we die. This fascination is particularly prevalent in … Continue reading Next Lifetime

(Yet And Still) Not Like This

So here we are AGAIN and unfortunately, lessons have still not been learned, and more black men and women are dead at the hands of police. Now add to that police are also dead at the hands of angry people. I wrote a piece called, Not Like This, back on December 1, 2014, and it is both sad … Continue reading (Yet And Still) Not Like This

Don’t Want To Be A Fool   Let's just face it. We live in a generation that has serious trust issues. With a majority of us born, or brought up in single parent households, or slit families, we have come accustomed to broken promises. Not only that, but the things that had become bedrock, such as the government or the … Continue reading Don’t Want To Be A Fool

Can You Trust What You Don’t Understand?

In the wake of tragedies and catastrophes, the question is always asked, "How can God allow such things to happen?" While many Christians may roll their eyes at such a notion, I honestly believe it is a fair question. Let's be real. There are some things that happen, that if I were an all-powerful God, … Continue reading Can You Trust What You Don’t Understand?

No Diggity I've been told all my life to never doubt God. Doubting what God can do has never been an issue for me, because I believe, and always have believed that God can do ANYTHING. Growing up with Old Testament stories of God's miraculous power, and the New Testament examples of Jesus and the Apostles doing magnificent … Continue reading No Diggity

Understanding We live in an age of information. Anything we need to know is readily available at most of our fingertips. "Siri?" or "Ok Google" opens up a wealth of trivial to vital data, and the beautiful thing is that we don't even have to process it anymore. If you need to know something, you can. … Continue reading Understanding

Come And Talk To Me Have you ever awakened, gotten your workout in, made your smoothie or your coffee, checked to make sure the clothes in the dryer were dry, but forgot to pray? We've all done it. For some, it can mess up the whole day, while for others, it really doesn't make a difference. Prayer is perhaps THE most … Continue reading Come And Talk To Me

You Better Work It!

I have a niece who is a tad bit ratchet. You know the type of girl who is in touch with her inner ghetto, and will pull that side out when the occasion arises (I must admit, I'm a tad bit ratchet myself). Well, one day we all were visiting my parents, her grandparents, and … Continue reading You Better Work It!

God Still Wants You

I can remember very vividly, my daycare school. It's not too far from where i live now, so every time we pass by, I'm taken back. I remember getting into it with this boy; Sidney! He and I were both pretty husky boys and I guess we battled it out for playground dominance. We didn't … Continue reading God Still Wants You