It is so easy to take someone for granted. Last month, I did a lot of teaching about love, trust, and intimacy, but even the most well-intentioned people can fall into the selfish category.  (more…)

Digging in deep, locking in my focus
Its obvious God has a plan because the enemy continually tries to choke us. But He rose up, to guarantee my victory, and I find very for me to keep my composure.

I won’t be distracted. The responsibility is too massive, for me to die and the world not be impacted. But the fact is, I can never get it done being passive.

So its time to stand up. Square your shoulders, dude, man up. The world needs to know there’s hope because God offered His Lamb up. Will there ever be a time when you’re fed up with status quo? Think about how simple this math is; that if u say no, you really shouldn’t wonder why your impact is so low.

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I believe there are people in my city, even across this country, that God has assigned to me. These people will push me into the place He has ordained for me. The problem is, I don’t know them yet, and they don’t know me either. (more…)