From the Wizard of Oz to Aladdin, there has always been a fascination with wishing.  Birthdays candles, a stray eye lash, coins in a fountain, first and shooting stars, and the list of wishing traditions go on and on. Wishing is something borne deep into the human fabric. While it makes for entertaining stories and movies, wishing has to be one of the most fruitless acts that we encourage.  (more…)

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of what everyone says is cool. With the abilities of mass media, via radio, television, and now the internet and social networking, popular culture has become a real element of even intellectual discussion. So, if you tend to indulge in that culture, you can sometimes be surprised by the things that keep the masses captivated.

However, we are all individuals, with individual tastes and individual ideas. In a world where people are more apt to recycle what’s popular, there still has to be a few who aren’t that concerned with trends. Someone has to be creative. Someone has to look at “what’s poppin” and say, “you know what? That ain’t my type of hype.”

Following the trends tend to:

  1. …. make us lazy.
  2. …. make things boring.
  3. …. cause us to miss some good stuff.
  4. …. take our eyes off of what we really like.
  5. …. make us feel like popularity determines worth.

Don’t succumb to the pressures to follow crowd, because the crowd may lead you to some places you don’t want to go. Be an individual that can passionately pursue the things that truly bring you joy and peace, without the worries of what “they” think. Be the creative soul that can remain true to your vision, without compromising you integrity. Be the man or woman who can stand on your own opinions without bowing to the idols of popular thought. Yea, all that looks good, but it ain’t my type of hype!

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“Ain’t My Type Of Hype” was written by Full Force, Maurice White, and Al McKay. Produced, and performed by Full Force. Released 1989. Made famous by the iconic battle dance scene in the motion picture “House Party,” written and directed by Reginald Hudlin. Produced by Gerald T. Olson and Warrington Hudlin.

I am an introvert; true blue. While I’m a very social person; I enjoy being around and interacting with people, it is simultaneously draining for me. So this causes me to be more reserved, and not very outgoing. While I may have some dynamic qualities, I don’t feel like I’m very charismatic at all. So when God called me into ministry 17 years ago it really took me aback. My father is a preacher, pastor, and very influential spiritual leader, who has an infectious charisma that few aren’t instantly drawn to. His example set the bar really high for me, especially when I’m nothing like him (in that manner). (more…)

The entire world paused to honor Muhammad Ali, this weekend, after his passing. He was undoubtedly one of THE most single influential athlete ever, and quite possibly one of the most iconic figures, in 20th century history. He was a person of such high honor, and wide-spread appeal, that everyone had something kind to say about the G.O.A.T. However, journalist, Nick Wright, made a very interesting (and in my opinion, extremely accurate) observation. He said, “If there was a 25-yr old Muhammad Ali today, (people) would hate him.”  (more…)

The church world is full of different types of people. The diversity in the Lord’s church is a testament of God’s love and power, that misses no one. Regardless of the state we’re in, God’s love and power is never out of our reach. Just like there is diversity among God’s people, there is also diversity among local churches. As a pastor, and particularly the pastor of a very small church, I have found myself on the discouraged end of the stick. Seeing larger churches across my city, the nation, and even the world, in person or on TV, I often find myself in the trap of comparison, wanting God to use me in a great way, like I see Him doing for others. But along the way, I have picked up a few encouraging things to remember when I find myself discouraged:


For far too many of us, it is really difficult to get rid of failure. It seems like out of nowhere failure showed up. It was unexpected, and uninvited. I wasn’t prepared for its arrival, because I was all set for a visit from success. But apparently failure got to me first, and sent success away.  


Several years ago, my dad and I were traveling across the country on a drive to Los Angeles. Driving from northeast Texas to California is a long haul, but my dad was confident that I could help him drive it. In mapping out the trip, he decided to take the route less traveled, so we trekked through Wichita Falls, then Amarillo, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and finally Flagstaff, Arizona, where we spent the night. My dad woke me up early the next morning because he didn’t want to be driving through the desert in the heat of the day. (more…)

As a minister of the Gospel and a pastor for God’s people, I am often called upon to offer words of insight or encouragement at the drop of a hat. There is so much in the world designed to keep us down. Like Jonathan McReynolds says in his song, “Pressure”, you can even turn on your phone without being reminded of the lie, that you are alone, broken and unsuccessful. And you can’t always turn to people and friends, because they have expectations that you may (or may not) be living up to. (more…)

(Originally posted November 30, 2011, this is a double #TBT. While driving to Atlanta, Georgia last week, listening to Prince tributes, I realized that I had forgotten he wrote this song; which was covered by Sinead O’Connor, and went on to be an international smash hit for her. I also realized that Prince was definition of being an individual. He did what he loved to do, and was absolutely free to do it with creativity. He never seemed to need ANYONE’s acceptance, and that attitude is such an example for me. So while, much like Prince, I was ahead of my time with this, here is my #TBT triubte to the life and legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson.)


Since the untimely death of the musical icon, Prince, last week, there has been usual comparison talk. Who was a better dancer, Prince or Micheal Jackson? Who was a greater songwriter, Prince or David Bowie? Who was the best entertainer? I heard it all weekend? Why do we do this? Why do we reduce the lives of great people down to a competition, as if it isn’t enough to be great in one’s own right? Competition has its place, competing in life is ultimately unproductive. Here are 5 reasons NOT to compete in life: (more…)