Everybody wants a hook up nowadays. Internet stars seem to be born every minute, and everyone becoming an entrepreneur or building a brand. One of the most effective ways to market yourself in this climate is to hitch yourself to a big name, so you can be associated with a known figure. The right co-sign for someone who is already “poppin” can do wonders for your brand.


At over 32 million units sold, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is by far the most successful recording in history. I just want that to sink in; after 35 years, no other record has sold more than this instant classic. It is the epitome of recorded music success, but at what point do we determine that it was a successful venture or not? We are talking about the critically acclaimed work, that millions of people around the world still listen to. This is the same record that catapulted Michael Jackson in to pop music royalty. When was this work a success?  (more…)

I’ve heard it seen at time and time again. A parent will get down on their knee and look their small child in the eyes and say something to the effect of, “I ain’t raising no punk. Now, don’t you start a fight, but you better not let them run over you.”   (more…)

It is inevitable. Everyone is going to want something that they do not need. Not only that, but we will all at sometime want something that is bad, dangerous, or down right fatal for us. At some level, we are all fascinated with the excitement of thrills. Being daring and even cheating death is attractive to us, but the reality is that we need to, in many degrees, calm that urge down.  (more…)


One of the biggest criticisms of Christian faith, especially among the African-American community is the “pie in the sky,” “sweet by-and-by” concept of heaven and eternal life. It’s argued that white slave masters taught black slaves this principle of Christendom in order to control the slave population; as to say, “if you obey me, I’m not going to pay you, but God will when you make it to glory.”  (more…)

From the Wizard of Oz to Aladdin, there has always been a fascination with wishing.  Birthdays candles, a stray eye lash, coins in a fountain, first and shooting stars, and the list of wishing traditions go on and on. Wishing is something borne deep into the human fabric. While it makes for entertaining stories and movies, wishing has to be one of the most fruitless acts that we encourage.  (more…)

I’ve been told all my life to never doubt God. Doubting what God can do has never been an issue for me, because I believe, and always have believed that God can do ANYTHING. Growing up with Old Testament stories of God’s miraculous power, and the New Testament examples of Jesus and the Apostles doing magnificent things caused me to understand God’s unlimited ability. My grandmother and my father always prayed the acknowledgement of God being able to do “anything but fail.” So, I never struggle with believing in what God CAN do. My struggle, like many of you, is with what God WILL do, and particularly FOR ME! (more…)

Every Laker fan is singing it this morning. A LOT of democrats will be singing it in January. While I’m definitely not a Kobe fan, and just not THAT fully invested in politics, I sing it just about every time I get to the end of my cup of shaved ice. Make it last forever. Don’t let it end. Nothing … no one … could compare to what we had!  (more…)

It has been said, that everybody plays the fool sometimes, and apparently, there is no exception to the rule. Users are always on the prowl, seeking to take someone on an emotional ride, for the sake of gaining something. I remember my dad once paid a guy, who had been a trusted handyman for a little while, to do some major work. That dude disappeared with a quickness, and my dad was so hot about it, that he was ready to pay the thugs at the junkyard to find him and release the wrath of Khan on him. For my dad, it wasn’t so much about the money, but it was the fact that he was taken by someone he had trusted.  (more…)


Home run!


Athletes understand, there is this huge sense of euphoria when you finally make it! Crossing over that goal line, or watching the ball fly over the fence fills your heart with joy and excitement. The kind of excitement that will make you run to the center of a soccer field with your shirt off, or willingly allow someone to spray you with champagne, getting your $200 sneakers soaking wet.  (more…)