It’s been a long time, but the dream never left you. It didn’t work out the way you had hoped, and perhaps you even failed miserably. It happens. Maybe you were terribly embarrassed. Maybe you’ve even resolved to give it up totally, but the dream never left you. The desire, though it may be small, is still there. My friend, perhaps it’s time to try again. (more…)

Today is a special day for the Murphy Family; IT’S WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY! God has given us the privilege to raise a child dealing with this disorder, and he is such a blessing to everyone he meets. Having him has made us aware of the need for support and understanding, not only for those with special needs, but us all. Because being different is not bad, it’s just different. (more…)

For many, the virtual reality of online life has become the replacement for real living. We spend a lot of time promoting our persona and making virtual connections that we neglect to cultivate real relationships with actual people.

A virtual reality, no matter how realistic, will never be real. Human beings need human connections. So take the time to personally call. Invest in the effort to have physical face-time. Seek the opportunities to share a hug or even steal a kiss. Find ways to be vulnerable and open to receive love. When you do this, you prove that you are all in and fully vested. When you do this you are saying, “I believe in you and me.”

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