So ….

Twitter has announced that, effective immediately, they are expanding their character limits by two times. In other words, instead of a 140 characters limit, it has been bumped up to 280 characters. I must admit, as a content creator I LOVE this new expanded freedom! There are thoughts I want to share, but just can’t figure out the way to squeeze into 140 characters. I’m excited!  (more…)

It’s been said, time and again, that everything that has a beginning has an end; yet we tend to always be surprised when relationships end. Excluding death, people will end relationships for any variety of reasons. Some legitimate, others … not so much. As an introvert, I tend to be somewhat of a loner, but coming to grips with someone’s departure from your life, can difficult, no matter your predisposition. Here are 5 tips to help you through the transition of “moving on”:  (more…)

We are 10 days into the new year. As usual many of us have made resolutions to do better and be better, but unfortunately some have already fallen off the wagon. New year’s day always brings about a grand sense of renewed hope and optimism , but is rarely met with consistent discipline. I’m guilty of it too; hitting the ground running, but fizzling out almost as quickly as we blasted off.


There is a statement going around, that honestly makes me cringe just about every time I hear it. “They’re in their feelings.”

It’s not so much the words that are spoken, it is usually the tone in which they are spoken. It usually sounds condescending, almost like mockery. It’s the tone you would use to kick someone while their down, because whatever the issue is, someone has it all together, while the other is losing it. We seem to do this as if we don’t understand what it means to feel something. (more…)

It is inevitable. Everyone is going to want something that they do not need. Not only that, but we will all at sometime want something that is bad, dangerous, or down right fatal for us. At some level, we are all fascinated with the excitement of thrills. Being daring and even cheating death is attractive to us, but the reality is that we need to, in many degrees, calm that urge down.  (more…)

Last night I got to the walking trail a little later than expected, so I figured I would have a nice quiet workout with very few people out there with me. Boy was I wrong. It was little league football and cheerleader practice going on in the field in the center of the walking trail. I got to see and hug a few students from my school before I hit the trail. Despite having to wave and speak to people after every lap, it was a good workout and I was feeling good.  (more…)

“Sure I can swim!”

Why, Lord?! Why did I lie like that? Six or seven years old, visiting a friend of my dad’s, I see a beautiful pool in the back yard. Being that it was a hot summers day, and my parents would always let me get into the pool at hotels, I thought it was perfectly fine. So unbeknownst to my parents, I was given some swim trunks and instructions to have fun; so I cannon-balled in!  (more…)

Everyone has flaws. I think it is all agreed, that no one is perfect, but I think we only tend to recognize that fact after making mistakes. It is important that you and I fully identify our flaws, and NOT do the following : (more…)

The church world is full of different types of people. The diversity in the Lord’s church is a testament of God’s love and power, that misses no one. Regardless of the state we’re in, God’s love and power is never out of our reach. Just like there is diversity among God’s people, there is also diversity among local churches. As a pastor, and particularly the pastor of a very small church, I have found myself on the discouraged end of the stick. Seeing larger churches across my city, the nation, and even the world, in person or on TV, I often find myself in the trap of comparison, wanting God to use me in a great way, like I see Him doing for others. But along the way, I have picked up a few encouraging things to remember when I find myself discouraged:

(I just read a fabulous article, by Chad Brawley, discussing the importance of the corporate worship moment. He argues that our culture has become one of performing and not worship. This got me to thinking about “Dear Church Musician“, so I decided it was time to write another letter.) (more…)