Thoughts on Derek J Murphy

I make a habit of starting my day with focusing on something positive, inspirational and motivational. Dave Ramsey, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins and Zig Zigler are among the names I’ve grown up listening to or reading. In the past few years, it was names like James Collins, Brad Pilon, Simon Sinek and Chad Howse that I would like to start my day with. About a year ago, a colleague of mine introduced me to his cousin, a man who quickly became a new favorite for my daily, or sometimes more often inspiration. Of course I’m referring to Derek Murphy. Whether he’s talking about business or faith, I’ve found myself looking forward to his writings nearly every day. His books are thoughtful and inspired, and his skill as an artist, both graphically and linguistically, is undeniable. If I were to move my family to the Texarkana area, the church he pastors would unquestionably be at the top of my list to explore as a new spiritual family. I would encourage anyone to have Derek Murphy be a part of their daily routine for maintaining their positivity.

Dr. Patrick Buchanan – El Paso, Texas